How to edit my recording? (admin, coach)

An existing recording:

When a recording is made, it is possible to:

1. Change the name of the recording. Select the edit button and change the name of the recording here.

2. Delete the recording. Use this button to delete the recording you have made.

3. Archive. This button allows you to archive the recording. When the block is green, this recording is in the cloud and can be viewed. When it is grey, the recording is archived.

A planned recording:

If you want to edit a planned recording, go through the following steps:

1. Change time. Select the edit button and adjust the desired variables.

2. Delete recording. This button allows you to delete the future recording.

3. Upload to cloud when ready/Don't upload to cloud when ready. With this button you choose to upload the future recording to the cloud or you can archive it.

4. Publish summary/Don't publish summary. With this button you can chooseto make an automatic summary. This tool is only available for football and field hockey clubs with a camera behind the goal.

5. Enable/disable YouTube livestream. This button allows you to enable or disable the YouTube livestream.

Tip!: Only the owner of a match can adjust the recording. As the owner, add additional authorised users when you expect that possibly someone else may want or need to make adjustments.