How do I manage my recordings?

There are several ways to make working with the system much more enjoyable. Especially when you have been using the system for some time and have saved a lot of matches, these functionalities come in handy. Below, we describe some tools:

The Selection Bar

1. With the dropdown menu, you can select matches for a specific period. The past month, the past season, or just last Sunday; with a selection, you quickly see the match you're looking for.

2. Select the cloud-only function and you'll immediately see which matches you can work on in the cloud.

3. When you're analysing a match, you're not interested in a match that hasn't been played yet. With the hide planned function, you quickly remove future matches from your overview.

4. Need to find a specific recording? If you know the terms under which your matches are entered, you can also search for them in the search bar.

Tip!: Make sure to provide a clear description of your matches. The abbreviation "D2" for Women's 2 is not useful when Girls D2 also uses the system.

Tip!: Enter all your team's matches into the system at once when the game times are known. This way, you only have to schedule matches a few times per season.