How to make a clip?

In the 360SI web application there is the possibility to extract certain moments from a match or training and to make a clip of it. This can be done by exporting annotations to a clip. The step-by-step plan below explains how to convert annotations to a clip as a user.

Step 1: Make Annotations

To create a clip you need at least one annotation. You can decide how many annotations you want to place in a clip.

Step 2: Determine which annotations you want to see in the video clip

In the annotation overview on the right side of the application, determine which annotations you want to select for a clip. A user can choose a collection of annotations or one specific match moment. In the example below, only the goal-for and chance-for annotations are selected.

Step 3: Choose 'Export to video clip'

After selecting the annotations for the video clip, they must be converted to a video clip. This can be done by choosing 'Export to video clip' at the bottom right of the annotation overview.

Step 4: View your clips in 'My Clips'

The clips created can be found in 'My Clips, the personalized video portfolio of 360SI. The most recently exported clip is on the far left. These clips can be downloaded as mp4 so that they can be easily shared via other digital channels (eg club website, social media).