How do I operate the video?

We have kept the operation of our application as simple as possible with only a few controls. Below is a simple description of how it works. 

Play Video

  • Click on the Play/Pause button at the bottom left of your screen
  • Click again to pause the video

Tip!: Want to control the video even faster? Use the space bar to operate the video.

Full Screen

  • Click on the fullscreen button at the bottom right of your screen
  • Click the button again to return to the overview screen

Tip!: Double-clicking and pressing Esc are faster methods to go to fullscreen and exit.

Time Bar
The time bar is located below your video controls. You can see the progress of your video and your annotations on it. The operation works as follows:

  • Click on a moment on the time bar to go to that moment
  • Drag the timer to the left to rewind
  • Drag the timer to the right to fast forward in your video

Tip!: Controlling the recordings in the annotation environment is also very easy with our shortcuts. An overview can be found under the heading "what shortcuts are there?"