How does the Timezoom work?

Most sports matches last for an hour or more, while crucial moments in the game often last just a few seconds. To ensure that you can view both the entire match and these crucial moments effectively, we have designed the timezoom feature below our playback bar. Here's how it works:

In the situation above, a match is displayed on the timeline in full. 33 minutes have passed, and there are still 66 minutes to go. However, a goal has just been scored at the green arrow, and I want to replay it a few times without having to search for it. The Timezoom can help with this as follows:

1. Click the left button of the Timezoom with your mouse and drag it to just before the moment you want to view.
2. Repeat this for the right button, but place it just after the moment you want to view.
3. You are now zoomed in on a segment of the match. You can now control the timeline precisely to the second, so you don't have to watch unnecessary moments. 

Tip!: The Timezoom works great with the Slommotion ;) Review an action of an individual player and find out what makes a difference in a specific situation.