What can I do in the menu?

The menu consists of four parts. We will briefly describe them here. A more detailed description of the individual parts can be found in separate articles. The parts are as follows:


Here you will find an overview of the various annotations you have made, displayed by category. For example, if you only want to see the penalty corners, you can easily set this up here. You only check this event and then only see these flags on your timeline. 


Here you will find all annotations (placed flags) you gave made in a list. It is clearly indicated at what time you annotated. You can easily delete an annotation by clicking on the cross behind the annotation.
When you click on an annotation, you get an overview of the event and you can adjust the start and end time (click on the pencil for this)


A canvas is your notes page, you can create various canvases for a match. For example, a canvas specifically for your attackers, and a separate canvas for your defenders. You can also share these canvases with others, so you van manage who has access to which notes page. The selected notes page is displayed on the timeline. 

View Recording:

Here you can view the information of the recording, and you can change the title of the recording (via the pencil). You can also share a recording with another user within the system, this user then gets access to the recording and the recording appears on his or her dashboard. You do this by entering (part of) the name of the person to be added in the search bar under permissions, then the correct name appears and you click on it. This person will receive an email notification that he or she has gained access to the match.